About us

With offices in South Wales and London, Tinint is the digital agency arm of Tinopolis, the broadcast media group. Formed in 1999, our mission is to engage audiences on and offline through multiple platforms and media channels. Our focus is in Education & Skills, Entertainment & Broadcast, and Corporate Services.

We don’t sell consultancy, we do consultancy; it’s how you can get to know us, and how we can quantify your needs. We don’t sell or license products so the IP can often rest with you. We tend to focus on content and message first, then apply technologies and expertise to enrich the delivery. We pride ourselves in our multi-lingual capabilities and consistently achieve high levels of ROI for both public and private sector clients. 

Competitive on price, practical in our approach, and quality assured in delivery; we invest in understanding each client’s goals, promoting natural working relationships and repeat business. 

Core team

profile image - Adam Edwards

Adam Edwards

Commercial Director
profile image - Orig Jones

Orig Jones

Technical Director
profile image - Elin Mannion

Elin Mannion

Account Manager
profile image - Guy Edwards

Guy Edwards

Executive Producer
profile image - Aled Parry

Aled Parry

Executive Producer
profile image - Elisa Tyrell

Elisa Tyrell

Finance Manager
profile image - Daniela Antoniazzi

Daniela Antoniazzi

Production Manager
profile image - Adam Jones

Adam Jones

Design Team
profile image - Ynyr Emlyn

Ynyr Emlyn

Motions Graphics/Edit
profile image - Dyfed Lloyd

Dyfed Lloyd

Project Manager
profile image - Sophia Edwards

Sophia Edwards

QA manager
profile image - Jarad Bowen

Jarad Bowen

DevOps & Frontline
profile image - Nick Richards

Nick Richards

Dev Team
profile image - Jacob Sims

Jacob Sims

Dev Team
profile image - Jamie Kitson

Jamie Kitson

Dev Team
profile image - Rhys Daniel

Rhys Daniel

Dev Team
profile image - Daniel Roberts

Daniel Roberts

Dev Team
profile image - William Morris

William Morris

Dev Team
profile image - Tomas Jenkins

Tomas Jenkins

profile image - Rhys Jenkins

Rhys Jenkins


How we can help you


As a company that embraces opportunities, change and challenge we develop highly successful partnerships with growing businesses. We'll integrate with you and become part of your team - shaping our processes to support you as one agile unit adapting and growing with you.


We work with established businesses who are looking to break into new territories outside their current areas of expertise. Using technology to support and enhance your products and services, and our capabilities across multiple disciplines, we'll continue to support you as you scale or move into new markets.


In the ever-evolving digital environment, we build and develop creative experiences and content that recaptures your audience. Used and shared across traditional, new and emerging media.

Our services

Design & User Experience

    • User scenarios & persona development 
    • Stakeholder design workshops
    • Branding & identity design
    • Multi-screen UI/UX design
    • Interaction & service design
    • Instructional / learning design
    • Gamification & VR design
    • Market Research and Focus group workshops 
    • Usability testing & research
    • Content strategy design

Technology and Innovation

    • Rapid prototyping
    • Responsive development
    • Front-end development
    • iOS & Android app development
    • VR/AR App development
    • E-commerce
    • API integration and SSO
    • Content management systems
    • Learning management systems
    • Web hosting & analytics
    • Live/on demand video & audio streaming
    • Archive storage and CDN distribution
    • Technical consultancy

Content Production

    • Multilingual authoring and translation
    • Campaign writing
    • Copy editing
    • Filmed video production
    • Animation
    • 3D / Motion graphics
    • VR/AR 360 content production
    • E-learning courseware
    • Curriculum mapping & guidance
    • Social media campaigns
    • Channel management
    • Event coverage


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